A Violent Separation (2019): Brief Review

A Violent Separation directed by Kevin Goetz and Michael Goetz (2019), is a film about how three main characters interact with each other following the death of the another character. All of the characters are tied to each other and fracture of the bonds over time due to the death of another character is interesting to watch and captured my attention. The film still sticks with me and I think about it a lot more than I would want to admit to. The acting was awesome. The story was great. The only part I didn’t understand is why hire Australian actors for the main four characters and have them act as if they’re from the southern US and not just set it somewhere in Australia. I understand that you may lose out on the American audience or that the actors were in the US and they were the best for the job. I definitely understand that. However, it barely blipped in the US and it may have reached a wider audience in Australia. Just a thought. Anyways, this film is in my top sphere as I can’t stop thinking about it and is stuck in my mind. I would recommend watching it for those who like character drama.

Watched on Showtime.

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