Brimstone (2016): Brief Review

Brimstone directed by Martin Koolhoven (2016), is a film about a girl during the wild west era of America. We spend the whole film with her enduring her abusive father, the traumatic upbringing with him, her escape from him, and him gradually over time hunting her down and destroying her life one piece at a time. She suffers from a serious case of bad luck everywhere with some moments of reprieve with her finding friends, in unlikely places, that suffer for her and around her, her finding a good man to marry and having a loving daughter, and able to build her life again for the last time. You feel for the character and you just want the best for her. Then when things look good for her…bam! Her bad luck kicks in. She suffers so much but she’s determined and resilient. I would watch a few times over. It’s a fast moving but rich story.

Watched on Netflix.

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