Riding in Cars with Boys (2001): Brief Review

Riding in Cars with Boys directed by Penny Marshall (2001), is a film about the life of a girl in America from the 1950’s to becoming a teenage mother and wife in the 1960’s to the turbulent marriage of and single motherhood of the 1970’s to the somewhat current time in the 1990’s. It’s an interesting film with slices of pivotal moments in her life that end up shaping the life of her son and offer some insight into why he makes the choices that he does. The dynamic of the love and hate that the son has for both of his parents is interesting as we get to see them morph into these characters that we know that they become. It shows that even though one choice could derail your whole life there is hope that you can turn it into something great by the end. Overall, I really enjoyed the film, how the story was told, the acting was great, and I would definitely recommend a watch. It’s not a top tier film but it is enjoyable while not being as incredibly dense as it could have been.

Watched on HBO Max.

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