The Submarine Kid (2016): Brief Review

The Submarine Kid directed by Eric Bilitch (2016), is a film about a young veteran meeting a woman that he’s completely over the moon about who is a complete mystery but her past and the few stories that she shares with him catches up with the both of them in a slightly mystifying way. The whole film is a mystery in a mystery in a maybe mental break? I’m not sure what was supposed to be captivating about this film. If anything, it was frustrating and felt like a waste of time to watch. It doesn’t really hold anything of substance that sticks out or will stick with you after you watch. However, it may be a bit triggering to some while watching since it has flashbacks to war and veteran PTSD moments, seemingly suicidal scenes, and a mental break if nothing else. I would not recommend watching but maybe it’s the best film ever for someone else.

Watched on Amazon.

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