The Fanatic (2019): Brief Review

The Fanatic directed by Fred Durst (2019), is a film about a man, who may have some mental impairment of some sort, that is obsessed with an actor and will do anything to connect with him. This film is not the worst film but is over the top and feels too much at times. The use of a possible mentally handicapped person for the main character is refreshing but using them to push forward a story of terror is maybe not the best thing that could have been done. Demonizing a compromised character while trying to humanize them offers a lopsided tension to the story as it takes away from the thrilling horror tension it’s trying to create. However, the terror is real as the story feels like something that could happen to a degree. The film looked good and the acting was pretty good overall. Travolta’s acting was a bit much at times and makes you want to stop film for a break from it. All in all, it could have been leaps and bounds better but it was not the worst.

Watched on Amazon.

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