Natural Selection (2011): Brief Review

Natural Selection directed by Robbie Pickering (2011), is a film about a woman who finds out her religious husband is donating his specimen to a sperm bank when she believes she cannot conceive after he is rushed to the hospital. It’s a bit of a wild story with the background, the ongoing, and the result of everything that happened. However, it was not executed as well as it could have been which may have been the reason why it had limited success. The acting was fine overall and wasn’t really the issue. The pacing was a bit off and held the story back. The music wasn’t exactly the right fit either. Both of those kind of pushed me out of the story and caused a lack of emotional connection. With some better editing choices and music it could be molded into a better film. As is, I would not watch again but if there was a new version I’d check it out.

Watched on Amazon.

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