Little Fugitive (2006): Brief Review

Little Fugitive directed by Joanna Lipper (2006), is a film about two brothers who are practically raising themselves (mother is always working and father is in prision) and end up in a bit of trouble with the law at a young age, so they run away to float off into a mythical land. It’s an interesting concept and shows how independent older siblings have to become, even when they’re fairly young, in order to survive and thrive within this world for themselves and their siblings. It’s an interesting idea for a film. However, child actors are rarely ever good and take a good amount of editing to make believable. This film suffered from the lack of that. It felt like a children’s film but it clearly wasn’t. It was just a film that involved children. Not that everyone else was putting on the best performance of their careers but they weren’t the worst. I feel like if it was redone but with some real power behind it, it could be amazing. But at the end of the day this is the film we are left with and it’s ok. Probably won’t rewatch but was interesting enough to get me through the first time.

Watched on Amazon.

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