Brokeback Mountain (2005): Brief Review

Brokeback Mountain directed by Ang Lee (2005), is a film about two cowboys where one job contract changes the course of their lives. It seem like a very unlikely story that two men who are working together out in the country fall in love with one another. However, it’s not that uncommon for a person to fall in love with a co-worker. Especially one they are always around. With a quick google search, gay cowboys have always been a thing in the American west and it was pretty common. Not surprising really. Again, when you spend a chunk of your life with someone, romantic or not, you’ll end up loving or hating them in some way. The way this story unfolded each phase of their lives was natural and nothing was there to trick or turn us. It was a completely beautiful unraveling through the acting, the story itself, and through the lens. This film is definitely something that sticks to you. In the moment, you feel as though it was interesting to see the odd settling of their lives but nothing more, then before you know it you’re thinking back on the small things in the story that hit you. Like Ennis having nervous anticipation over when Jack will show for them to have a weekend together by occupying his time, constantly looking out the window, and running out when Jack shows. Just like someone with their first love. Rushing to meet the other person with glee and giddiness. It all just really sticks to you because the characters feel so real. It’s a great film that I probably watch at least once a year. I never regret doing so.

Watched on Amazon.

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