One Day (2011): Brief Review

One Day directed by Lone Scherfig (2011), is a film about how two strangers become friends and then eventually more. This film is one of the more well done friends to lovers stories. A more accurate simplistic timeline would be: strangers ➞ failed lovers ➞ friends ➞ acquaintances ➞ friends ➞ lovers ➞ married couple. The story spans a long period of time that is not necessarily typical of most stories but allows these character to have some added depth without it being hammered in because the story needs adequate progression to eventually reach some type of conclusion. It felt pretty natural. The story itself could be frustrating at times but rewarding in some aspects and devastating in others. This whole film was several seasons worth of tv crammed into a small window of time. It’s very enjoyable and that may be because of pacing and a solid story. However, if it ever became a tv show, I would definitely watch it but I wonder if I would enjoy it as much as I did this film. Anyways, it’s worth a watch or a few.

Watched on Netflix.

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