Dead Poets Society (1989): Brief Review

Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir (1989), is a film about a group of kids that area few in their class that have rallied and somewhat rebelled against societies expectations of them through the inspiration of their English teacher who was once a student at the school. This film was not like anything I had expected. I thought there would be higher stakes upfront but the story wasn’t set up that way. It was mainly a slice of life of these boys in private school and how they were navigating through life. Then they are introduced to this silly teacher that shakes up their lives and really teaches them some hard lessons that are really felt by the main students that we follow but not so much to the rest. It shows how to break the mold is hard for both teacher and student but how very important it is to break it to create better people. The end though. I did not expect the ending at all. I may have shed a tear or two and that right there is the mark of a good film. Anything art that can make you feel a full range of emotions is fantastic because the whole point of art is to be memorable and make you feel. Overall, it’s enjoyable but had some slow patches that can be forgiven due to the high points that it has.

Watched on Hulu.

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