How to Be Single (2016): Brief Review

How to Be Single, directed by Christian Ditter (2016), is a film about a group of people connected through relationships and space to each other with the main focus being on the women. First off, no matter the role, Rebel Wilson is the chaotic comedic relief of every “chick flick” in the last ten or so years. She does it well but I hope that one day she’s able to get a role that shows some depth because it feels like it’s in there and I would like to see it. Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie always come off as cardboard cutouts when they’re first introduced but then throughout add some humor and warmth to their characters which is nice. They could easily just stay as a cutout and get a paycheck. So, I appreciate the subtle effort. The story could have been made by a random generator and the filming feels basic. The story comes together through the acting. Great choices there. I truly enjoyed this film for what it is. Don’t read too much into it and enjoy a simple romp around the city.

Watched on Netflix.

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