Return to Blue Lagoon: Brief Review

Return to Blue Lagoon, directed by William A. Graham (1991), is a second installment in the series of Blue Lagoon films. Richard, was born on the island but found in a boat with his dead parents, and Lilli and her Mother are new to the island after being separated on purpose from the ship they were on which is similar to how the children in the first film were stranded on the island. This film is slightly less incestuous as they are not technically related but they were raised as siblings. So, their sexual relationship later in the film is awkward at best. The acting again was atrocious and had the same yelling acting as the first film. There is at least some consistency there. The story is a somewhat different story. At the end of the first film the stranded teens were alive in the boat with the baby. However, at the beginning of this film they were dead. It would have been more interesting if they had been alive. It was the same as the first film really. Just a small change in story with a slightly new beginning, bringing a true offer of being rescued, and a happy ending. There’s no need to watch this film, if you’ve watched the first.

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