Just Like the Son: Brief Review

Just Like the Son, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (2006), is a film about a delinquent young man in his 20’s kidnapping a young boy to take his to live with his sister in Florida verses living in group home in upstate New York. This story feels like one long bad setup to a long a weird road trip. It could have easily been creepy and I’m glad that it kept clear out of that territory. Daniel should have never had the opportunity to take Boone anywhere. Boone could have easily been a victim of many different crimes. Luckily Daniel isn’t creepy and gross. So, Boone won out on that one. The story could have been left untold and it would have been for the better. Everything felt flat. The story, the acting, the filming. There was nothing to gain. It lacked true emotion and depth. Overall, no need to watch this film. I’d find something else unless you need background noise then this is perfect.

Watched on Amazon.

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