The Raven: Brief Review

The Raven, directed by James McTeigue (2012), is a film about the finals days of Edgar Allan Poe and the mystery within them. This was an entertaining account of his last days. It incorporated his works, some history, and a lot of fiction in lieu of facts. The film was evenly paced and fairly enjoyable. Having lived in Baltimore it’s believable that there was a serial killer going around at that time. Its called Bodymore for a reason. If it’s horrible now, I can imagine it was worse then. However, it does live up to its other name of Charm City which is what keeps people staying or going back. There was the surprise of the constant amount of action. The biggest fault it had was that it was trying to be smarter than it was capable of being which is unfortunate. Overall, it’s an enjoyable film if you don’t read too much into it.

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