Welcome to Happiness (2015): Brief Review

Welcome to Happiness, directed by Oliver Thompson (2015), is a fantasy film with interesting concepts about loose psychology. The film barely kept my interest throughout the film but the concept as a whole is really great but the execution missed its mark a bit. If it had hit its mark, it could’ve been something that people would’ve been talking about forever but it didn’t. So, now its swept under the rug and people barely remembered that it happened. I think it lacked quality pacing. It had the talent, it had a great concept, it had a fairly cohesive story throughout, it had small twists, and had a great overall look. I truly believe that’s all it lacked. Or maybe it’s one that just misses the mark no matter how its edited. I liked it and I want to like it but it was tough to get through.

Watched on amazon.com

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