Candy: Brief Review

Candy, directed by Neil Armfield (2006), is a film about the struggles of living with an addiction and being in a relationship. It’s a great film. Not exactly like the book but close enough in feeling. If anything, it’s a lot lighter than the book. It isn’t better or worse. Just a different. The acting is phenomenal. The story is fantastic. Not sure how many drug stories that we need to show the underbelly or the quickly growing mold of addiction that can cover your life. There’s plenty out there. Then again, addiction is a huge problem and everyone needs to be able to see themselves in the media to maybe recognize that there is a problem or similarity to recognize what they are. It could be anything. A group of people deserve a voice. I just think that maybe there can be a more diverse pool of stories. Addictions seem to be the train crashes that people look for at times and there are different stories to tell. Anyways, I enjoyed this film a lot as it gives you the full run from the start to the end of their use and they’re fascinating characters.

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