Christmas Cottage: Brief Review

Christmas Cottage, directed by Michael Campus (2008), is a moving film about a young artist and his brother bringing together their small town while trying to financially upright their mother over the holiday break from college. It is apparently a true story based on the life of Thomas Kincaid. I can’t say how true it is but I can say that it was a really touching story. The young brothers tried to help out their mother but ended up bringing the town together and a young Thomas being closer to his mentor as he was fading out of this world. It’s just extra melt in your mouth sugar on top when it has Christmas and New Year’s as a backdrop for the whole story. The acting was good. Not great but slightly better than ok. So, just good. The same goes for the story itself, the music, and the camera work. Just good. A bit over the top all in all but honestly one of the better Christmas films that I have ever watched.

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