Hurricane Streets: Brief Review

Hurricane Streets, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (1997), is a film that looks into the lives of a group of children in their mid-teen years while living in New York City. The story is mainly focused on Marcus, what is going on in his life, and how he deals with things as they come up. Marcus is a fairly smart kid, not a genius but not an idiot, that knows how to hustle and get what he wants. However, he tends to get in over his head but with the right guidance he could have had a lot of success but ends up being the reduced down to the intelligence and actions of his immediate friends. He commits crimes to try to get ahead or to fix problems but his real problem is those around him. His mother and friend committed murder, him and his group of friends steal, surrounded by people that abusive towards others, and outlaws. Its a shame and you feel that shame of his fate the entire film since it opens with the closing scene. This film was fantastic and entertaining. You get to watch kids try to be adults and kids all at the same time while learning to care about Marcus, his dreams, and his future. In the end, the most frustrating part is that we will never know what exactly happened to Marcus and where his life went. Worth a watch.

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