Sound of Metal: Brief Review

Sound of Metal, directed by Darius Marder (2019), is a film about a drummer that loses his hearing suddenly and he learns how to cope through a rehab center so that he doesn’t end up using drugs while all this is happening. It’s a super interesting story. What would a person do when they’re on the cusp of breaking through to greatness and it all goes south due to something that they can’t control? They would probably fall apart. The character watched his whole world crumble around him. His dreams? Gone. His girlfriend? Gone. His hearing? Gone. Then when he tries to fix things he makes it worse. His RV? Gone. His new community? Gone. His new work opportunity? Gone. Slowly things slip through his grasp. Nothing works out for him and you just want to cry for him. It’s so frustrating and ends up unresolved but you want to know more of his story. You want to know that he made it out of his predicament. You never end up getting know. It’s such an interesting and intelligent story. More than worth a few watches.

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