Stuck in Love: Brief Review

Stuck in Love, directed by Josh Boone (2012), is a film about a family dealing with divorce and its aftermath. A father, who happens to be a successful writer, dwells on his divorce. He offers constant encouragement towards his children to write and become successful writers themselves, which they do at the end. It all ends with a happily ever after. Mother and father get back together. Children develop relationships of their own, no matter how messy, even though they are really messed up by their parents divorce. None of the character details or supposed journeys matter. The real heart of the story is supporting the people that you love, being their for them even if they can’t be there for you in that moment or possibly ever, and being persistent in showing your love to them no matter what. That’s the real story. It’s really too bad that it’s wrapped in very plain paper that hides the unique beauty that it truly offers. It’s a lukewarm film that has a great heart.

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