Rudderless: Brief Review

Rudderless, directed by William H. Macy (2014), is a film about a father trying to cope with the fact that his son was a university shooter than murdered a handful of people and really gets to know some of his thoughts through his music which leads him to working with another young man. This film has a great soundtrack and a unique story that makes you feel conflicted but compassion for the father due to his lose. At no point are you made to sympathize with the shooter but with the father which is great because it could have easily went down that path. However, you are represented with a moral question that is resolved within the story itself but the attachment of the songs it makes it hard to really enjoy the songs just as they are since this is a fictional story but can’t honestly separate the two. Everything was fantastic. It’s not a blown out story or an overwhelming idealistic view at what would become of the sons music. It’s just a father dealing with his lose and finding his way through the world without him while encouraging a young man to follow his dreams. This film has a highly rewatchable and I will probably be doing so soon.

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