Free Willy 2: Brief Review

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, directed by Dwight H. Little (1995), is a film that continues on from the first installment, Free Willy, and the young man is a little older, has gained closure about his mother, found a brother he didn’t know he had, and saves Willy once again. They find Willy in wild which is great because he’s found his family/pack and they seem to be doing well. That is until a ship carrying oil runs aground in the water. As they as trying to save the whales from the contaminated water, the evil oil business men try to capture Willy and his family. The boy couldn’t let that happen. So, he and Willy save the day by breaking the barrier holding them in. Day saved. Overall, it’s a fine story that’s a bit cheesy and hammed up for kids. The boy was trying to hard to act in this one. He had a more natural ability in the first one. Kids are gonna love it. Adults could probably do without it.

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