7 Days in Hell: Brief Review

7 Days in Hell, directed by Jake Szymanski (2015), is a film two professional tennis players that play a death match. It is without a doubt one of the dumbest mockumentaries I have watched so far but I did chuckle here and there. There wasn’t a lot of substance to this film. There isn’t really anything to chew on except for the fact that it shows how dumb sports really are and the only positive thing that comes out of them is the sense of community it can offer. However, the uglier side that it’s constantly making fun of the competition to be the best at something that doesn’t really matter, the arrogance of the players to be at least mildly successful in all things in life, and the toxic relationships developed on their path to glory. At the end of the day, I read way too much into a rough comedy. If you watch it, don’t expect much.

Watched on hbomax.com

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