Call Me By Your Name: Brief Review

Call Me By Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino (2017), is a film about a teenager who is living with his family in Italy and his father has a student stay at their house during the summer. The young man likes the student, who is a good amount older than him, tries to convey his feelings, and ends up failing. However, he ends up succeeding along the way and ends up heartbroken. He explores his feelings and sexuality with different partners and objects. There is his youthful shame, ignorance, arrogance, and wonder. He is a fully fleshed character that feels truly real. The film is wholly about Elio’s exploration of life during that summer which just so happens allows us to view him falling in love and having his heart broken. It’s an amazing slice of life film that deserves all the attention it has received and so much more.

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