Silent Hill Revelation: Brief Review

Silent Hill: Revelation, directed by M. J. Bassett (2012), is a continuation of the Silent Hill film series based on the video game series. The story picks up years later with Sharon and her adoptive father on the run from a group of people trying to take Sharon back to Silent Hill and the government because the father killed a man. However, the group had a boy befriend Sharon and they both go to Silent Hill to confront the people after her visions start to worsen and she believes she killed a private investigator that was tasked with finding her. Throughout all of this she has no idea that she was originally from there. In the end, she embraces who she is entirely and defeats those at Silent Hill, saves her family, and saves the boy she has feelings for. It’s an interesting step in the story and would have been a great film if the CGI didn’t look more dated than the original films and if the acting had been more than a bit better. However, we did get a Kit Harrington and Sean Bean reunion which was really interesting. Overall, if the effects had been better and the acting a bit more convincing, it could have easily been a long lasting horror film that was the second in a long series of films but I fear the series may have died on this one. Maybe it will be rebooted, like most series these days, and it continues to go past just films as it deserves.

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