Desert Blue: Brief Review

Desert Blue, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (1998), is a film about a small desert town that is quarantined because of a toxic spillage from a truck carrying an ingredient for a beverage company that took the diverted water heading from the Rockies into California. The film mainly focuses on Blue a boy from the town trying to realize his fathers failed dream after his death. However, it does show how all of the characters are handling the situation and how they all help Blue to bring his fathers dream to fruition. It’s a comedic and heartfelt romp in the desert. It definitely has the feeling of a mid-90s indie film. After the first time watching it, you don’t need to pay much attention to the story itself as it’s easy to understand. If I needed something to mindlessly watch with little substance but a lot of heart, this is the film I would go to. All in all, what you can take away is that the people you leave behind will be changed by how you left and what you left as your legacy. So, even if you may be able to mindlessly watch this film on a second go some art only needs to capture your attention once to make even the smallest of impact.

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