The Vow: Brief Review

The Vow, directed by Michael Sucsy (2012), is a film about a woman that deals with memory lose after a car accident which leaves her and her husband to rediscover each other as people and as partners. With these romantic dramas I usually break a few tears at the overwhelmingly sensitive parts, especially with Rachel McAdams, but this time I felt a bit disconnected from the characters. They didn’t make me feel their emotions. I felt bad for the characters and the struggles they were going through. However, my heart was never in my throat, it mind was completely lost in the story. Which may just be my personal disconnect with Channing Tatum. He’s an ok actor that gets better with every film and I applaud him for that but he doesn’t put me into the story. This could have been an amazing film to watch. It wasn’t though. It was a lukewarm romance that I didn’t ultimately care about and wished they both moved on from each other. Watching once was enough and truly unnecessary.

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