Silent Hill: Brief Review

Silent Hill, directed by Christophe Gans (2006), is a film about the horrors that ensue due to a child murder gone wrong. It’s an interesting film based on the games from the franchise of the same name. The play on horror dimensions, would be murderers plots and justification, and a victims pursuit of pursuing her tormentors is a setup for a fantastic story. The environment is definitely a whole beast of its own between the practical and the CGI of the time, which is limited, is fantastic. It pushes you further into the story and allows you to speculate. It truly doesn’t matter if you played the games before or not, this film allows a level of immersion that should have been the first in a long serious of movies. However, for whatever reason, it never came to be. The actors are fantastic, the sets are fantastic, the effects are fantastic, and the story of course is fantastic. This may be one of the few series that I hope that the major studios or streaming services redo and capture the magic of this first one. For this film, I would watch more than a few times more. It’s a really spectacular film.

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