The Prom: Brief Review

The Prom, directed by Ryan Murphy (2020), is a film about high school lesbian who is forced out of her school prom until the broadway gang come to help her out to improve their public image. First, get rid of James Corden, replace with one of the many actual gay men that can do a musical, and it would be so much better. No hate towards him but he’s grating at times and taints the experience. Second, I know why you want big names in films but this didn’t need so many. However, on the flip side of that, I enjoyed Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Kerry Washington in this. They were fantastic and Kerry Washington needs to be in more musicals. Third, Jo Ellen Pellman was also great. I hope she’s in more in the future. Fourth, Ryan Murphy. They will let that man make anything these days. Probably since 90% of the shows and films he puts on are super successful. Seems like he learned from Glee in the sense to not make it a series which requires dedication and continuity. This film is a hyper musical which will lead to a love it or hate it feel. It wasn’t for me but that’s the fault of the actors. It’s an over the top production of nothing really but I do appreciate being able to put another film into the list of gay but not dying and the fact that it’s a light bright film despite the storyline which is a complicated heavy mess dealing with the humanity of your immediate peers. Overall, a drawn out mess of a musical that didn’t satisfy anything within me but others may love.

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