Valley Girl: Brief Review

Valley Girl, directed by Rachel Goldenberg (2020), is a film about a high school girl who meets a guy at the beach and her life is turned upside down. This film is a musical set in Los Angeles in the 80’s and present time. The female is telling her daughter about her past to help her daughter make good decisions in the present day. The Valley that the main female lead lives in is the San Fernando Valley, therefore she and her friends are valley girls. The male lead lives in Hollywood. Basically between the two of them you get to view the grungy punk scene, the clean valley 80’s American dream look, and something born with a mix of both that offers some depth to some superficial things because it’s a choice to blend the two. The film was fun and fantastic. The smile would not come off my face the entire time. The enjoyment never ended. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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