Happiest Season: Brief Review

Happiest Season, directed by Clea DuVall (2020), is a film about a lesbian inviting her girlfriend to Christmas but she’s not out to her family. It’s about time that there was a fun LGBTQ+ Christmas film out there that was overall fairly well done. The only part that really took away from the experience is that it was a coming out story which could be great but it was just used cheaply in the story. To that all I have to say is that at least no one died or that it ended horribly. There was a happy ever after but the cost was taking the fun out of it. Again, overall it was a good film. It has a great cast and Clea DuVall did a pretty good job directing. I could not get enough of Aubrey Plaza in this. She wasn’t a big focus in the film but I enjoyed every time she was on screen. If nothing else, it really made me want a lesbian rom-com with Aubrey Plaza as one of the leads. In summary, fun Christmas movie and a bit angsty at times but ends well.

Watched on hulu.com

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