Tempted: Brief Review

Tempted, directed by Maggie Greenwald (2003), is a film about a woman mainly dealing with the lose of her surrogate mother to cancer. The lose of the woman who raised her just serves as a catalyst to her going to Hawaii and meeting her birth mother through an extended stay. While she’s in Hawaii she tries to help her surrogate mothers family keep the land from being spoiled by house developers as they farm on nearby land that needs the water that goes through the neighboring land. Jason Momoa is the nephew of her late mother and farmer of the land. She begins to have a crisis while staying there. She wonders if Boston is where she should really be, if she wants to be with her husband, and how come she is the only one out of the two of them that is capable of handling their family while also having a fulltime job. All of those things are perfectly acceptable to freak out over when your husband is not capable of being a father or husband, your job looks down on you and doesn’t trust your intelligence, having bratty children, and having lost the last person that you considered family. She starts to have a bit of a fling with Jason Momoa. Most women would in her position. He’s also the star of all the posters and press for this film. So, it makes sense that she swoons. However, she doesn’t get to revel in that feeling because her husband can’t handle the children and just decides to bring the whole family which is such a shitty move on his part. She goes back to being the wife and mother and not really figuring herself out at all. Then near the end she finds out her birth mother is the woman she’s helping fight the land developers with. She forgives her mother for leaving and once again has family. At the end she’s nearly where she started with the only good additions to her life being that she gained another mother. She didn’t even get a victory by helping the fight against the land owners. The children in the cave got the victory for that when they found a cave with ancestral bones in it. She got screwed in every which way except for the fun way with Momoa. She deserved so much more. At the end, the feeling of being unsatisfied tainted the experience but at least there was some feeling.

Watched on youtube.com

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