MegaFault: Brief Review

MegaFault, directed by David Michael Latt (2009), is a film about a super earthquake, the aftermath of the quakes, and the woman tasked with overseeing the minimizing the damage. The sacrifice of other characters while the main character and her family constantly escape danger with no consequences betrays the integrity of the direness of the situation. The emotions in this film were played up since the writing and effects were subpar at best. The acting was as good as is could be. Not because of who was acting, these actors are not that bad, but because of how unbelievable their dialog and situation is. It’s not even that the event couldn’t occur but how they are playing it out seems ridiculous. It felt like everyone treated it like they were doing it because they needed a job and not because they believed in it. If nothing else, it made me laugh which gives it some value. Overall, it’s not really worth the time I spent watching it but it was good to have something on that didn’t require much brain power.

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