After Neverland: Brief Review

After Neverland, hosted by Oprah Winfrey (2019), is a unrehearsed conversation with the survivors about the alleged sexual abuse inflicted upon them by Michael Jackson. It was very inciteful to have a few professionals look into the experience that the two survivors this special is focused on and state what usually happens in similar abuse cases. It makes the survivors experience more tangible and focused on the broad scope of this type of abuse. Who can it happen to? How does it happen? Why do survivors not speak up? It answers those questions without being too invasive but offering a space for the survivors to speak about those points in their experience. It was a tasteful conversation. Their stories are not questioned as being true or not but how they felt about their experiences, how it happened, and how the documentary changed them. If you watched the documentary series, watching this helps fill in some of those small gaps.

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