Twice Born: Brief Review

Twice Born, directed by Sergio Castellitto (2012), is a film about a couple living in a war to support their friends and gain a child but not all survive the war. Wars disrupt and erase generations of people. Thinkers, innovators, entertainers, mothers, brothers, etc. All gone in one long moment that lasts years. War is a twisted piece of human nature that is corrupt and corrupts those it touches with hatred and blood. It undermines the innocence of the youth and the hope of those who are less naïve but compassionate towards those who wish them harm. There is no need for war in this world. There is no need for hatred in this world. It is a constant plague to humanity. All those that act in violence, breed violence. War is not just one action. It is many actions. Rape, slavery, and killing are a few tools of wars. You break people down enough they’ll submit to a point. War is a horrible thing. This film shows you those horrible things. It’s an education of denial, of cowardice, of compassion, of destruction, of birth and rebirth. These characters and their stories make you feel every bit of what they feel. What they’ve gained and lost. It was an experience that is vile at times but important to tell. Overall, and more importantly, it’s a story of how a young man was brought into this world, the trauma of the family he came from, the love of a mother, the redemption of a man he never knew, and that you are and you are not the situation you were born into.

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