Honeyboy (1982): Brief Review

Honeyboy, directed by John Berry (1982), is a film about a man trying to rise as a professional boxer and dabbles in love along the way. The story is pretty simple on this one. He wants to be a big time professional boxer with his eyes set on beating Tiger Maddox, the reigning champion of the division. He’s a young man having a hard life being poor and having a gift or skill but somehow making it all the way even though he’s constantly putting his chance in jeopardy for various ridiculous reasons. His marketing manager/lover, boxing coach, his skill, and the support of his father get him to the place he needs to be to fulfill his dream of being in the ring with Tiger and winning. I didn’t mind the story or the acting, I was invested enough to watch it engagingly, but the faking hitting was a bit too much sometimes. What more can you expect a tv movie from the 80’s though?

Watched on youtube.com

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