Summer Catch: Brief Review

Summer Catch, directed by Mike Tollin (2001), is a film about love and baseball in a young mans life. There is a linear surface level story. You never once really think that he’s not going to get the girl or that he’s not going to get the opportunity or the job. So, it’s not really a surprise when everything ends up working out for him. However, I did expect to laugh a little or feel anything but ended up with nothing. Making me feel nothing is the worst outcome for this movie. Nothing else really matters if the audience connects and feels something at the end of it, or during, because they will forgive everything else that may be wrong with it. So, since it didn’t have any emotion in it, they could have dropped the horrible jokes and romance. Then really delve into the sport and made it a great film about collegiate baseball. But we have what we have and it’s just ok.

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