Black Gold: Brief Review

Black Gold, or otherwise known as Day of the Falcon, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (2011), is a film about two warring leaders, a Sultan and Emir, and their dispute about land then oil. It is a story about how Americans first caused disruptions over oil from an Arab perspective told by European writers and director. So, with that said, I cannot say, currently, that the story itself is accurate in its portral of the peoples, cultures, and religion. However, the film is enjoyable and slightly informative of the struggles of living in the middle eastern desert and the advantages money from oil could bring to an otherwise mostly barren land. In this story, the main dispute is over land and then the Americans offer to extract the oil in exchange for wealth, they, the Americans, are the catalyst for the destruction of the peace that was created between the Sultan of Salmaah and the Emir of Hobeika. This relatively small skirmish was told as though it was an epic war, which offered battles, blood, love, and politics, which was delightful to view and adequately resolved within the runtime of the film.

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